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Our Montessori provides made-from-scratch lunches- nothing boxed or frozen. We offer healthy options and use fresh ingredients- all of our produce is purchased the same week to keep everything as fresh as possible. We try to offer fruits and vegetables during lunch and snack time as much as we can. Finally, we end the week right with Pizza Fridays!



A fantastic variety of food is offered and we maintain a menu that changes every week. Our food program features a morning snack, lunch, and an afternoon snack. Also, unlike other schools that offer one serving for lunch, we feed our students until they are satisfied.



We believe that by making healthy, fresh, and made-from scratch meals, students can have better focus in class, be more productive, have a better attitude, and most importantly develop healthy eating habits at a young age.



**Soraya Montessori Academy is a completely nut-free environment.

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