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Soraya Payesteh
Founder, Owner, & Teacher


Soraya Payesteh has been an educator for 24 years. She received her bachelors in liberal arts in 1972 and her AMI Montessori Certification in 1998. Prior to her work in Montessori, Mrs. Soraya taught at Richland College (1990-1998) and Collin County Community College (1998-1999).


During her years of working at various Montessori schools, Mrs. Soraya believed that she can teach children to be more advanced, balanced, and better at interacting through the Montessori method to become successful in life. Out of this life long passion for children and teaching, Soraya Montesssori Acdemy was born.


The facility is run, first and foremost, the way any discerning parent wants their child nurtured and educated. As an early childhood educator, Mrs. Soraya believes it is her job to provide a setting that allows for this while meeting each child's individual needs.




Teachers are at the heart of Soraya Montessori Academy. Our staff is a tightly-knit group of high quality teachers and student volunteers fully dedicated to the development and well-being of all students. It starts with the Founder and Owner, Mrs. Soraya, who is one of the few owners that is also a teacher fully involved with day-to-day activities. Her passion is reflected in her staff, the quality of education provided, and fully evident in the growth of your child. We require at least one year prior Montessori experience for all of our teachers.

Taraneh Hanaei
Director / Piano Teacher
AMS Montessori Certified Professional Administrator





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